Support the evolution of public education

For over a century, schools relied on textbooks and lectures as primary tools of education. By the 1990s, however, these tools were not enough. Innovative new methods of teaching and learning were needed. In 1994, the Rapid City Public School Foundation was formed to seek public and private donations to stimulate creative and new methods for education and to expand what can be accomplished with education tax dollars.

Individuals, local businesses, and anonymous donors pledged nearly $250,000 in donations and mutual funds which formed an endowment to ensure continued commitment for educational programs.

In addition to our yearly events and donations, our efforts are supported by our endowment fund. Our administrative costs are covered by our endowment, so funds that are raised go back to classrooms in support of student achievement.

The Board of Directors consists of 25 members, 1 member representing Rapid City Education Association, and 1 member from the Board of Education, and the Superintendent of Rapid City Area Schools who serves in an ex-officio capacity.

Board Members:

Kari Diamond, President

Tanner Oman, Vice President

Peggy Hanafin, Secretary

Sandy Carlson, Treasurer

Todd Brink, Past President

Alissa Messinger

Jason McGough

Sarah Gross, RCEA Representative

Deb Fredrich

Brad Jurgensen

David Dolan

Jayne Kraemer

Dr. Lori Simon, RCAS Superintendent

Amy Policky, Board of Education

Christine Stephenson, Board of Education

Scott Phares, Principal Representative

Jordyn Kokesh, Student Representative

Shannon Bren

Lara Roetzel

Sharon Hasvold

Jean Petereit

Dale Kokesh

Joan Bentz

Laura Sobczak, Executive Director