The 2018 Innovative Team Award winners will be announced at Evening of Excellence on April 30th. Winning teams receive a $1,000 prize.

This year’s nominated teams are:

Canyon Lake Elementary 3rd Grade: Carrie Baker, Katherine Ellet and Andrew Hays.

Canyon Lake Elementary Administration: Erin Bauer and David Swank.

East Middle School Leadership:  Greg Gramberg, Robert Hafer, Tara Knowlton, Jannette Moehlman, Casey Salazar, Patricia Selig, Dylan Wince and Leak Wytosick.

Horace Mann Elementary Fourth and Fifth Grade: Cathy Boehler, Kallie Gebhard, Tamara Kerns, Emily Moody, Jaye Svarstad and Mary Wills.

Grandview Elementary Fourth Grade: Michelle Jackson, Amanda Price and Laura Scott.

North Middle School Careers Course: Carissa Matz and Leatha Roland.

Pinedale Elementary Kindergarten: Courtney Grahek, Leigh Shaw, and Susan Salter.

Pinedale Elementary Fourth Grade:  Averie Georgas, Laura Kamarainen and Julie Stonecipher.

Rapid Valley Elementary Leadership Instruction and Achievement Workgroup:  Kari Comes, Laura DeRuyter, Katie Farmer and Tina Johnson.

Stevens High School Special Education:  Anita DaSilva and Anna Schild.

Valley View Elementary Kindergarten:  Angela Anderson, Jen Macziewski, Katie Purcella and Jackie Richards.

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Innovative Team Award, RCAS, teachers. Agricultural ScienceLisa Steinken, Bobbie Jo Donovan and Genetie Hendrix
Central & Stevens High School Agricultural Science Team
ITA, Canyon Lake Elementary, Erin Bauer, Jason Bierle
Canyon Lake Elementary Fifth Grade Team

2017 Winning Teams:

South MS ELA, Innovative Team Award, Megan Gurgel, Shane Whidby and Andrea Brooks.
South MS 7th & 8th Grade ELA Team
Rapid City High SChool, Innovative Team Award, JAG, Julie Callahan, Jessie Rencountre, Gena Messer and Leacey E. Brown
Rapid City High School JAG & Computer Science Team
Wilson Elementary SChool, RCAS, ITA, Mary Kellogg, Tona Tribby and Cindy Redetzke.
Wilson Elementary First Grade Team